One year later (milestone update)

First of all I hope all you guys had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year. I’m sorry I haven’t kept this page updated so here’s a milestone update.

One of the two only Christmas presents I received were from myself. As most people at my age they go and spend silly money for going away to a campground for New Years. Personally I have never felt that hype to go away so instead I devoted all my time and money on going to drifting at Keisuke’s day two days before Christmas.
The day finished off for me leaving me unsure if I was satisfied or unsatisfied.
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4AG C almost there
So it’s been a while since I’ve updated this blog, This is a recent image of the progress, had the engine turning over last night just couldn’t get a spark from the coil, suspect it is an earthing problem.
But so close I can taste it.
Do expect a video in the next few days.


4ag -c progress

After pulling a few strings I can gladly say progress is being made!
Carbs and Manifold is about to be sorted by Chris,
A good chap named David is gonna help me tackle the wiring 😀
So big thanks to them.

Mockup on my spare 4ag of manifold and plugs.

I have accumulated injector port plugs, and a fuel pump so there is only really 3 more pieces to the puzzle being:
Fuel Pressure Regulator



There is one mountain I have to climb before I can begin to learn and progress with my e7.

I really wish that I was capable to fabricate my own stuff to solve my own problems instead of constantly relying on people.

At the moment the problem is that the carbs and manifold do not like each other very well, the throttle wheel does not clear the manifold and the manifold pulls the carbs too far apart for the linkage to be effective. I mean it’s not a hard solution, it could be solved by extending the tab on the linkage, and relocating the throttle wheel but oh wait it requires welding.

Sorry Stan you can’t solve your own problem fffffff, other options would include relinking it with a kit that costs $$$ that I don’t have.
And once I solve this problem I just have another one ready for me his name is wiring.

I just want to drive my car now pleaseeeee,


Upon my outing at the GT86 Release I was amongst many great people and great cars,
It’s funny yet sad that I feel no real major hype over the new 86. Although I do dig how some people have styled them such as the 666 one.

Any way’s just as we decided to leave I saw rolling from a distance, a very familiar chassis, yep definitely was one I owned myself. It was relatively low, but not low enough to get annihilated at the speedbumps, the front wheels were aligned with negative camber that was a bit too excessive for everyday street cars which was a very good clue indeed.

For those who don’t recognize this, it’s the Teamblink SR powered e7.
There’s been a few action photos of this machine going at it surfing around the interwebs recently. Gave me a little kickpush in motivating myself a little more to getting my car where I want it to be.

You guys can follow Teamblink at

One broken bead later.

So the long wait for an early Christmas was finally over, like a typical excited kid on Christmas eve I decided to rush into things; decided to call the boys round for a fireworks show that night and instead of going up into flames it went down into the drain once we got half a tyre mounted and ended up breaking the bead with the screwdriver.

Gave up and took it into the boys with the toys, tyre mounting machines and bead blasters.
It’s pretty much like comparing a vacuum cleaner vs a brush and shovel.

To be honest even I think the stretch is a tad silly, it does look good on the 7″s in front but the 7.5″s are abit too much for me, not really complaining though as it was 1/4th of the price of getting tyres that fit, + I don’t have to do shitall to the gaurds comprimising win win situation.
checkout my mate blake’s blog, he covers a bit of the scene.