Tyre size contemplation

So got a quote back for those tyres to be 500nzd shipped, might just holdout till next container to get some of those nankangs. Meanwhile I’m now 99percent sure I’m gonna run cheaper 155/65’s like this slant front except he’s running x8 and x8.5!


My new direction for tyres are the 165/55/r13 nankangs, there are no longer any sets available in NZ according to beeoneoneoh but I will be getting them from japan if they can make it before the cutoff date for the container!

A familiar site

Well these plates of steel arrived today, also fronted up with the cash for the starsharks currently leading them so if all goes well they should be here within next 2-3 weeks! Will be putting in those cutties this weekend so will get some photos of how it sits.