Hi my name is.. who? my name is.. what? my name is..

Hi there for those who may actually read my blog here’s a big intro for a little guy,
My name is Stan, I just turned 17 this year, born and currently living in Auckland, Aotearoa (New Zealand). I’m broke as F, no job and I am lost as hell and my future seems unclear.

Long story shorter than it could be;
I had always loved cars since I was young but I only since re found my love for it in 2009 when one of my good mates in class got me into oldschool cars and fell in love with the kp6* starlet. I didn’t like old cars at first, in fact it randomly one day just grew on me, from then I got into the typical nz scene: modgies, black centre 17’s, sacked, rotary into anything conversions, dumpys and what not (I didn’t like cars being ‘too asian’ back then LOL how ironic…).

In 2010 at the age of 15 I bought my first car a kp60 starlet, work equip replicas, freshly rebuilt 5k, aggressive lumpy cam + twin dhla40’s… yeah what a first car… midway that year I discovered the hellaflush/stance movement which grew on me fast, later that year few weeks prior to be able to finally go for my restricted lisence my friend hit me from the rear and pushed the starlet into another car. My friend was uninsured so I only took 1/3 of what the car was worth as he was not insured so I got to keep the car. I didn’t have the time and effort to part it out so I sold it cheap as is.
The plan from here on was to move onto a ke70.

(ignore the fake faggotry plate hahaha)

Early 2011 was the year my taste finally began to become somewhat decent as I discovered the shakotan style at this point I began to despise the sh* out of the “stance movement” fake wheels, stickerbombs, roof racks and what not. I looked upto blogs and names such as beeoneoneoh, 86fighters, nicevibe, riverside, nori yaro, auzsoku, and much more.
I saved every penny I could towards my car this included not going to the school ball haha, yeah I’m gay…
Late mid of the year I picked up some watanabes off a guy called Daniel who owned a 4agze e7 on ssr mk2’s and rays mesh.
Shakotan obsessed, I got my mate (who writ off my starlet haha) into the style, when he was finally in the position to get a car I suggest a x7, I found him the one he bought and fell in love with. This thing was so amazingly straight and tidy, we spent some hours learning ourselves f*ing around with the car, learnt some stuff about the running gear while cutting the springs as ya do… Put it on my wheels a few times, took it to some meets had a few smiles and yeah.

What this car looks like today on it’s own shoes, hoshino impul g5’s getting all the compliments hehe (you’re welcome Sam)

(yeah all credit goes to me with this car hahaha jk. Shot Sam dope car, proud of ya coming from ”i want a dx g 4age turbs g” hahaha)
Still no car after a whole year of searching I had still not found the right ke70, then December few days before Christmas I finally found one, the dude played me around a bit didn’t want to let it go but still ended up in my hands in the end!

Thank you for reading about my gay life,
I do really appreciate it.

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