My taste for sure, love it! Carbon fibre is definitely excused for weight reduction purposes every bit will help the old n/a rb20 spin those wheels.


Fifteen-inch RS Watanabe wheels, chubby rubber and factory bumpers. The way this car looks would make you wonder if there’s something really special/unusual about it.

The trunk is carbon fiber, but maybe the owner bought the car like this.

The hood is also carbon fiber, but maybe the owner is one of those people who like the way carbon fiber parts look.

Lift the bonnet and you see what looks like an RB25, common in these cars (aside from the factory NEO RB25).

Look closer into the engine bay and notice that the engine is actually an RB20. Not only that, but the intake manifold was replaced by ITBs. Your impression of this car changes instantly and you wonder what the intention is for running such a setup even with other choices available, such as a smaller SR20de.

edit: thanks to kriss for telling us that Nissan equipped some R34s…

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