Another Ass view + bumpstop investigation

Little boring update, Roofracks stolen and lost forever thank god?
Seeing as I was already in the garage I thought I’d do a little investigating on the bump stops,
I took them out and sat the car back down to see how much lower it would sit, it went down quite a few more mils. (picture above is the car still sitting on bumpstops)

I’m gonna have to take off two sections of these, not sure if they’re still gonna be effective do their job but unfortunately cant get to the desirable height without doing so.
Can’t even fit a scissor jack under the chassis rails, somewhat of a sign that I’m on the right track.

Still need the front setup to arrive so I can see what it’s like with the front matched up, and very curious how it’s gonna look and sit on 155/65/13’s on the starsharks, next thing on the list is to get some appropriate shocks or get these 30 year old bad boys shortened haha.

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