Venturing to North Shore Toyota.

(Thanks to Maximilian for this non looking hand out the window shot haha)

Finally some shots that aren’t at home. Wokeup at 6am on Sunday to finish flaring my guards with the old shocks, just that there tells you how close I was cutting it to not being able to make it hahaha.
I’d like to thank Thomas again for all the help, and the boys for getting me there safe and sound.

Now have a whiteline adjustable panhard rod in the rear that still needs a tad bit of adjusting.
The ride wasn’t bad at all, rear was a a little bit stiffer than I’d like and there was a tad bit of bounce which I’m accusing tyre – gaurd contact for now.

It was good to finally be able to take my car for a roll, the 4k made it sideways in 3rd with a tad bit of a touch on the gas no clutch kick required found myself having to almost full lock out of a roundabout onto the motorway, ooopsies.
Up onn the list now are some RCA’s because the bumpsteer is ruthless but wheels are probably way out of align aswell, Corona LCA’s to fix up my front camber.

Meet was quite good, weather wasn’t.


More photos of the meet can be found here:

Thomas’s GX71 was sporting Ralph’s celica supra wheels, looks mega though! It will soon be on crazy tough spec ssr’s.


Photos by: Robert, Maxamilian, Sam, and me.

2 thoughts on “Venturing to North Shore Toyota.

    • Hey Albert, thank you.

      Yes I do play on refreshing it, I love the colour, it looks great when the sun iss starting to go down because you can really capture the more darker coffee essence in the beige.


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