The Leap

4A-GE bigport REDTOP engine (has 7rib block), extractors, rwd cut and shut inlet manny, with a k50 behind it at the moment.
Hopefully get it into the car next weekend, trying to sort a crane.
Picked up a T50
Extra complete Bluetop engine.

So I’ve accumulated a 4age earlier than expected actually doubled it with two.

Seeing as I’m selling the 4k, I’ve started considering to just forget about getting this legal on road for now and go all out and start tidying her up for cert further down in time.
I mean It probably would be smarter to just do it right from the start but I’m craving action.

I’m planning to get this to the next hori dori and probably blow the k50 and go hydro!
Few little housekeeping things I need to do first will be going 8kg in front, Slap in the *T130 LCA’S when I get some RCA’S, hopefully t-series drum brake diff by then if not I will have to just lock mine up and hope fingers crossed that it will last me the day.

Will update with new wheels and engine!

Thanks for reading boes!
4×114 LyFe

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