One broken bead later.

So the long wait for an early Christmas was finally over, like a typical excited kid on Christmas eve I decided to rush into things; decided to call the boys round for a fireworks show that night and instead of going up into flames it went down into the drain once we got half a tyre mounted and ended up breaking the bead with the screwdriver.

Gave up and took it into the boys with the toys, tyre mounting machines and bead blasters.
It’s pretty much like comparing a vacuum cleaner vs a brush and shovel.

To be honest even I think the stretch is a tad silly, it does look good on the 7″s in front but the 7.5″s are abit too much for me, not really complaining though as it was 1/4th of the price of getting tyres that fit, + I don’t have to do shitall to the gaurds comprimising win win situation.
checkout my mate blake’s blog, he covers a bit of the scene.

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