Upon my outing at the GT86 Release I was amongst many great people and great cars,
It’s funny yet sad that I feel no real major hype over the new 86. Although I do dig how some people have styled them such as the 666 one.

Any way’s just as we decided to leave I saw rolling from a distance, a very familiar chassis, yep definitely was one I owned myself. It was relatively low, but not low enough to get annihilated at the speedbumps, the front wheels were aligned with negative camber that was a bit too excessive for everyday street cars which was a very good clue indeed.

For those who don’t recognize this, it’s the Teamblink SR powered e7.
There’s been a few action photos of this machine going at it surfing around the interwebs recently. Gave me a little kickpush in motivating myself a little more to getting my car where I want it to be.

You guys can follow Teamblink at

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