One year later (milestone update)

First of all I hope all you guys had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year. I’m sorry I haven’t kept this page updated so here’s a milestone update.

One of the two only Christmas presents I received were from myself. As most people at my age they go and spend silly money for going away to a campground for New Years. Personally I have never felt that hype to go away so instead I devoted all my time and money on going to drifting at Keisuke’s day two days before Christmas.
The day finished off for me leaving me unsure if I was satisfied or unsatisfied.
On the day it was full of problems which I was expecting as I did take the car very roughly tuned and I hadn’t even had a drive of it properly yet.
It started off with it bogging down so we borrowed our neighbours timing light and locked it in at 15degrees advance, then it started overheating so we hardwired the electric fan and took the bonnet off, I couldn’t get the handbrake going, then I had the injector port plugs pop off on me twice, oh and then I started to run out of spark and the battery went flat, and to end my day I lost 5 of the studs holding the carbs to the manifold.
I barely got to drive because I gave away more drives to those who helped me than I got myself.
But hey on the other hand I’m really stoked with how the car went for the lack of preparation and budget. When it was going it really went I could only imagine how a higher diff ratio would help.
I didn’t break anything and I didn’t smash anything besides my valance which was from loading it on the trailer with a little bit of frustration at the end of the day.
I was feeling very intimidated by all the high profile drivers at the start of the day to realize at the end of the day we’re all just there to have some fun.
I was just getting into it when it started raining, it was a scary and awesome feeling facing the walls while doing manjis at over 80k’s towards them in the rain.
I had two runs then let my friend Kurt have two runs and then we returned into pit to change the battery and also to find that the carb to manifold studs had all come off creating a giant vacuum leak.

Leaving me to go home that day with the mindset to fix my car and make it more reliable and head back out ASAP!

I’m sure most of you may remember my car a year ago when I bought it. Of course after sitting around for a while all the touch up paint started coming off and a bit of rust and imperfections started coming through.
I began this journey with no prior mechanical hands on experience or knowledge so I have learned a lot and met a lot of really great people in my first years journey which I will always treasure.
The engine was wired up by Kurt who I happened to kept in contact after I purchased the manifold and dizzy off him, He’s only 17 as well. Check his wagon here
I had read countless numbers of times on the internet, looked at plenty of wiring diagrams and I couldn’t get a grasp of how to do it, it turned out to be a laugh, super simple after I watched Kurt do it.

I ended up doing my own alignment before the drift day, I still couldn’t get the panhard centered due to not having the right side spanner.

This is how I my exhaust was even at the drift day, it’s right up against the floor already. hahahaha
A bit of change since the last update on this.
So here’s a full spec run over of my car as of now:
Engine Bay & Drivetrain
7rib block, Bigport 4AG Engine
4-1 Extractors to a 2″ straight pipe cut off halfway under the car with 1 res loool
Modified 4k Distributor
Solex 40mm Carbs
Holley 1-4psi non return FPR
4.5-9psi electric fuel pump
AE101 FWD radiator
K50 Gearbox
Locked U series diff (mid to high 3 ratio)

T131 Corona LCA’s
Keto Steering System Knuckles
Converted early E7 strut coilovers, GT Munroe inserts, 8kg Jamex springs
Borrowed 6kg HSD rear springs, GT Munroe shocks.
Whiteline adjustable panhard rod.
(F) 13×7 +0 (R) 13×7.5 +5 SSR Colins Starsharks, 155/65/13’s Yokohama DNA’s and Wingro GT’s

Thanks to all those who have helped me out, this year I will be devoting my time and effort to developing my driving and making the car more reliable.
Thanks for all those who read my blog, I never really intended or though I would gain an audience.
-Love Stan.

One thought on “One year later (milestone update)

  1. Car is still boss man – love the carbs on the 4AGE. You might want to pull the inlet manifold off, tap the injector hole and plug them off with 1inch lugs…? May save them popping out in future. Or make the those plugs with vacuum line fittings and then you can run a vacuum canister and run your brake booster and things like that off it…? Anyway, love the car!

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