4AG C almost there

So it’s been a while since I’ve updated this blog, This is a recent image of the progress, had the engine turning over last night just couldn’t get a spark from the coil, suspect it is an earthing problem. But so close I can taste it. Do expect a video in the next few days. […]

4ag -c progress

After pulling a few strings I can gladly say progress is being made! Carbs and Manifold is about to be sorted by Chris, A good chap named David is gonna help me tackle the wiring 😀 So big thanks to them. Mockup on my spare 4ag of manifold and plugs. I have accumulated injector port […]


There is one mountain I have to climb before I can begin to learn and progress with my e7. I really wish that I was capable to fabricate my own stuff to solve my own problems instead of constantly relying on people. At the moment the problem is that the carbs and manifold do not […]


Upon my outing at the GT86 Release I was amongst many great people and great cars, It’s funny yet sad that I feel no real major hype over the new 86. Although I do dig how some people have styled them such as the 666 one. Any way’s just as we decided to leave I […]