Stan’s Keto dream

I bought this ke70 in December 2011 to save from being a ”stance” posse victim, When I saw this car in person I instantly fell in love at first sight with the factory Toyota 489 beige and I mainly bought it because of the colour and how good of nick it was in with 113,000km on the original 4k! It’s all pretty much original besides jamex and dobi superlow springs

I got home and instantly began saving it by removing the wannabe ass barrel and suitcase off the roof along with the coil hang, and put it on my 14×7 +7 and +8 type a & b watanabes that I had sitting in the garage for a while (which I have now sold to a friend) I had originally planned to get ssr mesh but these watanabes came up for a great price so I had to get them.

Quick photoshop: a rough idea of how I wanted it to be sitting

My initial Plans are:
Dumping the roofracks
Coilovers (uncertain what specific setup atm, either gonna be 86struts + bc’s or s13’s with some work)
Along the lines of 13x7j+ low offset kyusha kai’s (at this stage looking certain to 6xstarsharks from Japan)
4age 16v smallport + itb’s or mikuni bike carbs, something along those lines.
Eventually stripping it out, half cage for the track!

One sh*tty day I found myself clipping my fence trying to avoid a huge dump of water because I didn’t want to get the garage floor wet (LOL) And naturally my reaction was jumping out of the car kicking the shit out of the fence and yelling fuck so loud the neighbors eyed me the f out.

I finally fixed the door last week; spending a few hours, I figured out the whole door and all it’s mechanisms hahaha

Car finally got some love on Thursday giving it the first start after 4months due to having a flat battery.

These are the starsharks I am hoping to be getting from Japan, 4x 13x7j +0, 2x 7.5j +5

Other things I have just won some 1dollar cut springs which I plan to run for short term, currently leading 10dollar 4age mounts, and watching 1dollar reserve KTS s13 coilovers.

Peace yo!

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