There is one mountain I have to climb before I can begin to learn and progress with my e7.

I really wish that I was capable to fabricate my own stuff to solve my own problems instead of constantly relying on people.

At the moment the problem is that the carbs and manifold do not like each other very well, the throttle wheel does not clear the manifold and the manifold pulls the carbs too far apart for the linkage to be effective. I mean it’s not a hard solution, it could be solved by extending the tab on the linkage, and relocating the throttle wheel but oh wait it requires welding.

Sorry Stan you can’t solve your own problem fffffff, other options would include relinking it with a kit that costs $$$ that I don’t have.
And once I solve this problem I just have another one ready for me his name is wiring.

I just want to drive my car now pleaseeeee,

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